Are You Bigger Than Your Fear?

A while back during a Business Planning seminar, I had a real eye-opening experience.

During my seminars I love to interact with the people that come out. It allows me to get to know them better and exactly what they want to gain from attending. I reach out through questions, real life situations and acting things out.

In this seminar I asked each person what their dream profession would be. Around the room I got many different answers. One lady, maybe in her early 50’s was too nervous to answer. So, of course what did I do? I pressed her because I though of it odd to be ashamed of your DREAM profession. Eventually, she answered. “A dog walker because I love dogs and always have fun when I walk them.” This made me think deeply. Not about her job choice but about how ashamed she was to put out there her dream job, even when it made her feel very good.

The unfortunate thing is that this isn’t unique to that woman. Many people are too ashamed to take the risk and do what they’d really like to do. Causing them long-term sadness and an unfulfilled life.


It may sound scary, but the reality is fear does kill. If you let it, fear will kill your creative potential, alienate the people who can most uplift you, waste opportunities for financial freedom and more.


In this particular case the woman’s fear halted her from going after her heart’s desire and the scariest of all keep you from stepping bravely into your true purpose.

For you, I’ve put together this list of fears that you should try to nip in the butt!

Fear of what others may think

As humans beings, we rely on each other to survive. In fact, in hunter-gatherer cultures, rejection by the tribe means certain death. So no wonder we care about what other people think!

But if you let this influence how you show up in the world, you’ll

Plus, as a physician, I can tell you that fearing what others think not only limits your potential; it makes you sick. As I write about in my new book, The Fear Cure, fear doesn’t just make you lonely, broke, unfulfilled, and out of touch with your calling, fear increases your risk for heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, chronic pain, diabetes, and even the common cold.

Fear of failure

I say it all the time. There is beauty in failure, and that beauty is a lesson.

The fear of failure stops far too many people from even attempting to achieve their goals. What many fail to realize that many a path to success is littered with mistakes and failures. In actuality, it comes with the territory. Secondly, if you fail, so what? Are the consequences really that bad?

To get over the fear of failure, ask yourself, “So, what if I do fail?” What’s the worst that can happen? If the reality is “Not a lot,” then dive in, give it a shot.

Don’t let the fear of failing hold you back.

Fear of Success

The fear of success is very similar to the fear of failure: both prevent one from dreaming and achieving goals. Realistically one might be fearful of success due to the fear of handling the fame or wealth it brings.

Success means change, impacting more people, and sometimes that can be scary.

Fear of saying NO

Failing to say no to others, can mean saying no to yourself. You need to learn to be fair to yourself. If a request distracts you from your goal, then it’s your duty to say no. There are plenty of people who will let you quit on your goals to help them achieve theirs.

You also need to make sure you are clear and focused on your objectives, so you can say yes to the right opportunities, those that will lead to your desired success. There will always be new opportunities that will arise, and you need to be comfortable saying no to those that are not aligned with your priorities. It can be easy to become distracted, especially if those opportunities have short-term benefits.

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