The Secret To Good Follow Up

The secret to building genuine and lasting customer relationships is in the follow up. Asking your clients about their experiences shows that you take their feedback seriously and are actively working to improve your business. Read through our tips for follow up success.

Get to know your clients

It’s important to know who your clients are and what types of follow up they would be receptive to. Look at who is buying your products and what styles of customer service they value the most.

Keep accurate records, and keep it relatable

Detailed records of your sales will allow you to have focused follow ups. Keep it specific to their experience by referencing their latest purchase.

Get to the point

Have a plan to keep things short and sweet. Being direct will be more efficient for your business, and for the customer. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

It may seem like asking questions will annoy the customer but asking for customer feedback shows that you value their opinions. Just remember to be mindful of your timing, and of how much you are asking for.

With these tips you can improve your relationships with your customers and build a brand that is well recognized for good customer service. To learn more join our email list and check out our free seminars.