Deadline: May 31, 2019


The Next Success Story Nominee must:

  • Be an owner, Executive Director, CEO, or CEO-equivalent of their business venture.
  • Be primarily responsible for the company’s recent performance
  • Be nominated within the Capital Region: Edmonton, Saint Albert, Leduc, Nisku, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan, Parkland County, and all surrounding communities.

Judging Panels and Criteria:

The independent panel of judges will be comprised of leaders from the Business Community. The judging criteria will include an assessment of recent financial performance, strategic direction, product or service information, company leadership, including personal integrity and risk taking, values, key employee initiatives, and community involvement (philanthropic activities, etc)

Award Categories:

Final determination of the categories and awards to be presented will be decided by the independent judging panels based on the quantity and quality of the completed application forms by the deadline.

Information provided in this nomination will be provided to Biz Plan World and our panel of Judges. Select Sponsors of the Event will have access to a redacted version of this document which will not include the Financial and Employee Satisfaction sections, nor the references listed.

Award Application

Please Select the Category that you wish to be selected for. Turn-Around Businesses must have had a serious challenge and overcome it. Franchisors must have sold at least 1 franchise in the past fiscal year.
Take this opportunity to “tell the story” behind the nominee. What makes them stand out as a Business Owner? Approximately 250 words. • Nominee’s personal history: Upbringing, Educational Background, Professional Background. • What makes the Nominee passionate about their business? • What are major milestones the Nominee has achieved or awards received?
This section details the full information about the company (Approximately 500 words) • Provide a brief overview of the company and the products or services provided. • What is the history of the company? • Include the source of the idea for the original business strategy or the evolution of the business • Whether as the founder or current owner, explain the difficulty of launching the business and the barriers overcome, including the personal and financial risk involved. • Describe the experience and qualifications of the executive team, if applicable. • Discuss any significant challenges in the industry. • What is the nominee’s vision or plan for the future growth of the business?
Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization
Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization
Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization
Explain the market in which the Business operates and how the company is expected to grow. • Describe the industry in which the Business Operates, including its local market position. • What is the nominee’s vision or plan for the future financial growth of the business? • Provide data or statistics can be used to back up the growth plan (If applicable)
• How is the Company involved in supporting their Community currently or in the future? • List any philanthropic efforts, events, or other methods used. • What is the nominee’s contribution to the company’s community or philanthropic efforts? • Has the nominee created or sponsored any internal initiatives within the company? • If not applicable, what plans does the Nominee have to implement these programs?
• How does the company seek to improve the lives of their employees? • What policies or programs are in place to increase employee retention? • What is the average yearly turn-over rate of employees, if applicable.
• How do the products or services provided by the company fulfill consumer needs? • How does the business stand apart from its competitors? • What policies or programs are in place to increase customer satisfaction? • Provide links to current customer reviews, if applicable.

Next Steps:

  1. Send a Headshot of the Nominee, minimum 300dpi
  2. Send 300dpi company logos and any relevant digital marketing or promotional materials
  3. We will perform an initial review your application to ensure all information is correct
  4. Interviews will be scheduled and conducted for further information
  5. The Panel of Judges will review the information with the potential for secondary interviews and select the finalists in each category 6) Information on the status of your nomination will be delivered by the end of March.

Terms and Conditions:

The submitted information, materials, and photos, will be available for Biz Plan World, our affiliates, and judges for use in evaluating my application and in the creation of media or press releases (with the exception of any financially related information which will be strictly limited to Biz Plan World executives and our Panel of Judges) By submitting this form I also consent to being contacted for site visits for interviews, and the potential discussion of business opportunities from Biz Plan World and related third parties. Selected finalists will be subject to small administrative fee based upon their category. Release – I hereby discharge Biz Plan World, the panel of Judges, or any affiliates from any and all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, expenses of any nature arising out of or in any way connected with my participation in this program. Use of Photo – If I am selected as a finalist or award winner, I hereby give the use of my photo to Biz Plan World and Affiliates the right (but not obligation) to publicize my name or other likeness. Including but not limited to: Biographical Information, Photo, Etc Limitation of Liability – I will not charge anyone involved with the event for damages resulting from my participation (loss of profits, or damage to company reputation or goodwill) Governing Law – These General Terms and Conditions shall be governed and in accordance with the laws of Alberta and Edmonton. Revocation – I acknowledge that nomination and participation may be terminated if the nominee is determined to have taken actions would reflect adversely on the program. I have read this application form, understand its contents and represent that I am legally competent to sign this document. For the purposes of this application, Biz Plan World and Affiliates may conduct background checks on both myself and my business to be used in the evaluation process.