Financing the Future Part 2

Finding investors can be overwhelming, especially for those who don’t have previous experience. We’re here to help get you started! Before you approach your investors, read through our quick tips. Don’t forget to check out last week’s blog post Financing the Future Part 1.

  1. Location is key
    Knowing where you’re going to place your business shows investors that you are already beginning to put your plans into action. Keep in mind that a good location also hints at what type of market or foot traffic your business can expect. If you don’t already have a solid location, at least have a location tied up.

  2. Don’t expect anyone to make a decision right away
    Patience is key. Your potential financiers also need time to research your idea and think about how it fits in with their own. Give them the information that they need to be confident in choosing your business. Don’t forget to follow up with them afterwards but be mindful of how often you’re reaching out.

  3. Visual representation
    No matter what the venture is, there is always something to see. This is the perfect chance to show your financiers what they are investing in. Show off your vision with a well-designed pitch deck video  and presentation. A trained photographer or videographer can be pricey but is definitely worth the investment.

  4. Practice makes perfect
    Don’t walk into one of the biggest meetings of your life unprepared. Practice with your friends, family, mentors and partners. Ask (and be prepared) for honest feedback. Knowing what you can improve on before you make your first presentation can do lots for your confidence and ultimately your business.

These tips will help you speak confidently about where you see your business going. For more about how to approach investors with your business ideas join in on our FREE seminars.


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